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Cute Baby Card with an "ancient" Cutting Mould technique

Scrapberry's Lacé Faber Castell Polychromo's

Now that my Christmas cards are all finished and send let's make this baby card for my niece whom is heaving a baby in a short while. I don't have the chance to make a baby card for someone very often so this was the time for me to go all wild with the pinks (as you can obviously see!).

In my Christmas Summary post from a couple of days ago ( I mentioned that I would explain more how I make these "Lacé" design kind of cards. I find it looks great and the cutting doesn't take very long to do. In the Netherlands you can still buy these cutting moulds through different online stores (search for "Lacé snijmal kopen"). Outside the Netherlands I'm not sure! I call this technique "ancient" because I have these cutting moulds for more then 10 years now and they are not widely available any more.

You get the best result when you use paper that has a different colour on the back, so when you fold the cuts the other colour shows (in this example the front is pink and the back is light purple). I matted the piece on some yellow card stock to make it pop.

How to

In fact it is quite simple to make the lacy intricate part of these cards. You tape the green coloured cutting mould (which is made out of metal) to your card stock with non permanent tape. Then you take your knife and follow the slits that are in the cutting mould. Especially cutting the beginning and the ends of the edges is important because otherwise the folding we do later will not look as need and you will rip your paper. The moulds come in different sizes and shapes, so you can customize your card with them, the smallest moulds are are little harder to cut then the bigger ones and I find it also a little hard to cut the complete round ones, because you loose the curve sometimes. Cutting takes about 5/10 minutes. After cutting through al the slits you crease the parts that you are going to fold and then fold and tuck the folded piece under the next cut. See pictures.

Back to the card at hand

So now that we have the pink/light purple piece matted on yellow card stock it is time to make the little bunny image.

I stamped this image from ScrapBerry's (the name is not clear to me: maybe "My little star"?) with Memento "Rich Cocoa" ink on Canson "180 gr/m2 A5 Bright white heavy weight paper" for coloured pencils.

Next I coloured the image with Faber Castell Polychromo's (I prefer these coloured pencils over the Derwent Coloursoft pencils). At the end I added a few black details so that there is a little more contrast.

Then I cut a circle around the image that fitted the lacy part of this card. Next I put the pink ribbon on. Because of the ribbon this pink/light purple/yellow piece was matted on the craft card stock with foam tape and I finished with the sentiment and a little wooden embellishment.

I can't translate the sentiment in English but I will try to explain the meaning of it: "beschuit met muisjes" in Dutch means this: when a baby is born the parents treat family, friends or/and colleagues at work, on a sort of large round biscuits (which is "beschuit" in Dutch) with butter and coloured anise-seeds (pink for girl, blue for boy), because the anise-seeds have a little "tail" they look like tiny mice (which is "muisjes" in Dutch). You can Google-search for this sentiment if you want to know what it actually looks like!

Scrapberry's Lacé Faber Castell Polychromo's

Because I don't know if my niece will give birth to a boy or a girl I made one in pink and one in blue.

Until the next post, have a great day!

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