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Home Decor: Large size Canvas Project

Hi everyone, today I have a more painterly style project to show you! It’s a canvas that I designed with a combination of different elements.

I took the colour of the wallpaper from a different wall in the same room as I designed this canvas for as my starting point, then looked for flowers with matching colours and added the magnolia’s. I like the shape of fleur-de-lis, so I added that and then I liked the combination with the hexagons. I took those elements and created a rough sketch on paper.

Next I looked for images of these shapes and flowers on line and printed them out.

This canvas is rather larger so it was a challenge to take good quality pictures of the completed project (in a room with not that much lighting)! So sorry if the pictures aren't that clear!

Step 1:

For today’s project I’m working on a canvas 120 x 40 centimetres in size, which is the largest project I have created so far. I couldn’t even work on my craft desk, I needed to take my project to the kitchen table to have a large enough surface to work on!

The first step of my actual project is to gesso the canvas. For this I used The Crafter’s Workshop “White Gesso“ (TCW9001). Then I draw in my design using a graphite pencil and using the images that I printed of the internet as my guidelines by transferring them to my project with carbon paper or drawing around the shapes of the cut out pieces.

Step 2:

Next I added The Crafter’s Workshop (white) “Modeling Paste“ (TCW9005) to the hexagons on my project but only within the curved lines. For this I used a palette knife. When the modeling paste was dry I applied The Crafter’s Workshop “Gold Gesso“ (TCW9003) to the hexagons (with the modeling paste parts) and then painted The Crafter’s Workshop “Heavy Body Acrylic Paint in the colour "Iridescent Gold“ over the hexagons to make them really gold.

Then I added my first layers of paint to the rest of the project except for the magnolia’s. For this I used the following colours: the shade that is similar to my wallpaper colour is Winsor & Newton Galeria “Burgundy“ acrylic paint, and for the other colours I used DecoArt Americana acrylic paints in the colours “Snow (Titanium) White“, “Neutral Grey“, “Light Buttermilk“, “True Blue“, “Williamsburg Blue“ and “Hauser Light Green“.

Step 3:

Now I’m painting the magnolia’s and adding more detail to the fleur-de-lis. For the magnolia’s I used: Winsor & Newton “Permanent Magenta“, Van Gogh “Chromium Oxide Green“, DecoArt Americana “Petal Pink “, “Burlap“, “Light Cinnamon“, “Hauser Light Green“ and “Snow (Titanium) White”.

When all the paints were dry I enhanced the shapes of the fleur-de-lis and the magnolia’s using a Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen (S) in black and when the whole project had dried for a couple of days (the drying time is mainly for the Faber Castell pen not to smudge) I varnished the project to finish it.

I had a blast while working on this project and I love the way the project all comes together after varnishing!

If you would like to see another (more mixed media style) project that I created for my home that you can go here: this set of canvasses I created for my living room

and this smaller canvas I created for my bathroom:

That’s it for today’s project, I wish you’ll a creative day!

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