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Art Journal Page: Get Inspired

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you my take on this month’s Canvas Corp Brands Challenge Mood board. The theme is “Let’s get Organised“ and I know for myself that it can be hard to get your creative juices flowing again after a couple of weeks of not creating during summer vacation. My take on the challenge therefore is how to get mentally organised to create again!

I personally start with an easy project, do something that comes to you easily (drawing, sewing, journaling, whatever you like and love), by the time my first project is done my creative juices are flowing again (and more idea’s have popped up in my head)!

So, let’s “dream“ about your next project, “design“ it in your head, the way you would like it to be (maybe it turns out different in real life, then let go of the dream), but most important, start “creating“, use your hands; “inspire“ yourself! This is what this month’s mood board looks like (look at these gorgeous subdued colours (kraft, black, grey, beige, white, nutshell), fabulous to work with):

Today I’m working in my 7gypsies Architextures “Vintage Pink“ Mix and Match Book and I choose a page with vintage paper background with only a couple of flowers (I choose this particular page because I could cover the flowers up easily because they are not spread over the page). The fun thing about this Mix and Match Book is that you can take pages out while you’re working on it and you can put it back in when you’re finished.

If you would like to read the step by step tutorial for this art journal page then you can go HERE!

I wish you a creative day!

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