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Derwent Inktense Travel Set #02 with Altenew Stamps

Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set #02 with Altenew stamps

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you this card that I coloured with the new Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set Palette #02. To me this new palette is more versatile then the first one because the colours are brighter and there is a white included. The first palette is still really pretty but more suitable for landscapes and such, I feel (it’s a more muted palette).

To get today’s card started I die cut a rectangle panel from Schut Terschelling “Aquarelbloc Hot Pressed” paper, two sizes smaller then my card base. On this panel I stamped flowers from the Altenew “Persian Motifs” stamp set using Distress Ink in “Antique Linen” and my sentiment is from the Altenew stamp set called “Beautiful Day”, for this I used Versafine “Onyx Black” ink. I used the Antique Linen ink colour because I wanted to create a no line look on this particular project.

Then I traced the lines from the flower petals using a mix created from two colours in the palette (you can mix in the palette itself, but when I use the set at home I use a plate), Fuchsia and Scarlet, and applied them to the lines with a small brush.

Because I’m new to the palette I wanted to start colouring the image with a light hand. I used a thin mix of the same Fuchsia and Scarlet colours, deciding where my highlights and shadows would be.

When dry I added darker layers in the same colour.

Because this palette is not watercolour paint, it’s ink, you can paint over the lines without losing them. That being said, how darker the colours you add, especially in the same colour family, you will still loose the visibility of the lines.

Because these are ink you also have to remember that you can’t lift the colours once they are dry!

To create a bit more contrast I then decided to add another layer with just the Fuchsia colour in bit of thicker version.

Because I felt I started loosing the lines/edges of my petals I then mixed a combination of Red Oxide and Navy Blue and traced the most prominent lines. Then I mixed a shade of nice bright purple (using French Ultramarine and Fuchsia) and deepened the shadows more. This also puts the previously added darker lines and the rest of the image together.

Then I started working on the leaves: for this I mixed Sherbet Lemon with French Ultramarine and traced the lines. Followed by a thinned down mix of this combination to lay down the first green layer inside the leaves.

Followed by a more shadowing with Ionian Green (with a hint of Sherbet Lemon).

As my finishing details I choose to add some white lines using Antique White and when dry I created splatters using a mix of Light Olive and Antique White. Can you see how opaque this white is, because of that it’s a really versatile colour but it can also be very tricky!

Also do remember that the white will dry lighter then how it looks after you just applied it!

To finish this card I die cut a slightly larger mat from matching card stock, adhered both panels together using liquid glue and then adhered this combination to a crème coloured linen textured card stock using one millimetre thick foam tape.

Detail pictures:

I love this little gem palette. There are so many colours you can make with it and the 12 colours that come in the palette are very well put together. Of course you don’t have to mix any of the colours, you can use them just as they come, whatever suits you best!

I wish you a creative day!

#DerwentInktensePaintPanTravelSet02 #AltenewPersianMotifs

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