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Home Décor with Spectrum Noir

Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencils and ArtLiner pens

Hi everyone, today I have a fun home décor / craft room decoration project for you as a Spectrum Noir Design Team Member!

And I really feel that this quote is oh so true: don’t wait till the moment inspiration hits you to get crafty, get crafty and you will have more idea’s for future projects then you can handle (you might want to write them down)!

So, let’s get started!

Step 1:

I first decided what size my picture frame would be. Then I used a piece of Strathmore “Toned Tan” paper to draw the outlines of the inner frame rim. I used an image and quote I found on line by The Picsees and traced the lines of the fantasy figure onto the top part of my paper.

On the bottom part I pencilled in the quote that comes with the image. Normally, in my art journals, I write my quotes without drawing lines first but this time I wanted the results to be really straight. Make light markings on the paper that you can erase easily.

When I was happy with how the quote looked I went over the lines using first the black Spectrum Noir ArtLiner pen in size 03 and to create more volume adding more dimension with the size 01.

Let the ink dry for a couple of minutes and then you can erase the base lines used for drawing in the quote.

Step 2:

Next I’m working on the fantasy figure. With a white drawing pencil I’m adding the highlights to my image, this is what makes colouring on darker coloured paper so much fun. By adding the white the image jumps of the paper instantly.

The highlights go there where the sun would naturally hit first. I always pretend the sun comes from the top left hand corner.

Use a light hand and multiple layers to achieve a light enough colour without being able to blend the other colours I’m going to add with the white.

Step 3:

Now the wonderful Spectrum Noir Colourblend Pencils come into action: I first lightly lay out the colours, a little more where my shadows will go. Then I take darker colours like browns and greys to deepen the shadows, using a light hand.

This way I build my layers and blend with the white area’s I added in before.

When you have added multiple layers you can start using a bit more pressure to create more vibrant colours and deeper shadows.

I used the following colours of Colourblend pencils: Espresso and Taupe mainly for the shadow area’s; Mustard, Saddle Brown, Pistachio, Jade, Sage, Raspberry, Smooth Jade and Twilight Blue.

All the colours on today’s project come in the “Bold Brights”, “Primaries” and “Essentials” Colourblend Pencil sets.

Step 4:

In this stage I’m working on adding another layer of white, blending it with the coloured pencils and deepening the shadows, adding a little of the Black pencil when needed, but not with a heavy hand!

I know you can hardly see it in the picture but I also added some Peach coloured pencil around the image and also a little white to appear the background a little more defined.

In this stage I also add in some lines that I lost during the colouring process as well as the lines from the dangly thingy from his ear using the size 005 Spectrum Noir ArtLiner pen.

Now I only have to put the image in the picture frame and my décor project is finished. I decided to take the glass out but you don’t have to do that, I just didn’t liked the glare from the light on the glass.

Detail pictures:

I hope you enjoyed this fun project and I wish you a creative day!

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