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Kitchen Apron

Stencils on Fabric

Hi everyone, today I’m on The Crafter’s Workshop blog with a kitchen apron that I decorated for my boyfriend who loves to cook. Let’s get started!


The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.


Step 1:

I started with a blank Canvas Corp Brands chefs apron (but you can use any apron you have) and I hand sew a piece of fabric (CCB Farmhouse Kitchen) on the front pockets to get my project started. I washed the apron before applying the paint.

Then my boyfriend got to choose the stencils he wanted me to use on his apron. He choose stencils with food (pineapples and pumpkins). For the colours I choose copper and turquoise, because these colours go well with the colours we already have in our kitchen.

Step 2:

Then I mixed two colours of acrylic paints (Winsor & Newton “Deep Turquoise” and Reeves “Copper”) with Vallejo Textile Medium on my glass work surface. If you have worked with acrylic paints before and have spilled some on your clothes then you know that once dry they don’t wash out the fabric easily but I wanted to make sure that the design stays nice over time even if this apron will be washed often: with textile medium the paint adheres better to the fabric.

I placed my first stencil on the apron and started to apply the paint using a dry painters stippling brush and up and down pouncing motions. I started with the pineapple design that I wanted to look like it was peeking out of the front pocket of the apron. I covered the pockets with regular printer paper to prevent the paint from covering parts that I didn’t wanted to be covered.

For the pocket pineapple I used a large The Crafter’s Workshop stencil called “Pineapple” (TCW848).

After applying both colours I dried the paint with my heat tool so that I could move on to the next design without smudging the paint.

Step 3:

Next I worked on the two smaller pumpkin designs on the bottom edge of the apron beneath the pockets. For this I used a The Crafter’s Workshop stencil called “Harvest Pumpkins” (TCW819) and I choose the smaller size for this.

I mixed and applied the paint in the same way as I did with the pineapple design.

Step 4:

When the two smaller pumpkin designs were ready I worked on the two partially showing pumpkin designs on the sides of the apron in the same way as the ones before (this time using the larger “Harvest Pumpkins” stencil).

As you might have noticed I used front and backside of the stencil designs to create the design I liked best.

Step 5:

When the pumpkins were done I decided I needed more pineapples and for this I used the smaller “Pineapple” stencil design. And to finish this fun apron project I used the small and large “Harvest Pumpkins” stencils, but now only the swirly top part, to create a fun design along the edge of the apron.

For best resistance to washing Vallejo advises to fix the painted fabric by ironing on the reverse side so that’s what I did and now the apron is ready to be used!

Some detail pictures:

We would love to see what you create with The Crafters Workshop Stencils and Mediums. You can share it with us on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest using hashtag #tcwstencillove.

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