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Hyacinth Bulb with Spectrum Noir

Hi everyone, today I have another colouring tutorial for you using the Spectrum Noir Colourblend coloured pencils, using this fun image by Power Poppy.

Step 1:

I started my project by printing this gorgeous digi by Power Poppy called “Hyacinth Bulb in Glass” onto Strathmore “Toned Tan” paper. Then I die cut around the printed image using a stitched rectangle die, making sure that I have enough room left on the right bottom hand side to add the quote later on.

To get the colouring started I first added in my highlights using a white drawing pencil and a light hand.

Step 2:

Then I lightly mapped out the colours where I wanted them to go. For this I used the following colours of Colourblend pencils: Lemon, Mauve, Amethyst, Cedarwood, Smooth Jade, Espresso and Jade.

Step 3:

In this step and the following ones I’m going to add more layers of these same colours plus darkening the shadow area’s, until I like what I have. In each layer I add a bit more pressure to the pencil but not burnishing yet, because once you have done that adding more layers in really hard.

In this step I added Ivy to the green parts to deepen them and Orchid and Blackberry to the pink/purple parts of the flower parts.

Step 4:

Here I’m even adding more dark colours using Twilight Blue and Maroon. Going over these colours with the previous ones to get the original colours back but in a darker hue.

Step 5:

Now I’m bringing back in the white and mix it with the other colours to brighten my highlights again and mix them with the other colours for a nice gradient. When the top part of the image is done I work in the same way on the bottom part, using colours previously mentioned.

Work on the image until you like what you have! Working in coloured pencils is time consuming and it’s all about layering!

For today’s project I used coloured pencils from the following Spectrum Noir Colourblend sets: Essentials, Primaries and Bold Brights.

Step 6:

Because I lost some of the printed lines I added them back in using a black Spectrum Noir Artliner pen in size 03.

Next I’m working on the rest of my card. Together with the flower image I printed the quote that comes with the flower image and now I cut that to size and mat it onto a matching piece of green card stock. These two panels I adhere together using liquid glue.

For the larger rectangle panel I choose a matching purple mat and also adhered these panels together using liquid glue.

To put my card together I now only have to adhere the different combined panels to my crème coloured lined textured card base using one millimetre thick foam tape.

And that’s it for today’s fun card project!

Detail picture:

I wish you a creative day!

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