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Four Coloured Pencils Card with Spectrum Noir

Hi everyone, today I have an easy project for you where I use, next to the white, only four coloured pencils to colour up the images on this card! Lots of coloured pencils are a lot of fun to have but you don’t always need many to create a great project!

Step 1:

I started my project by stamping the flower image from the Studio Light Essentials range stamp set with number STAMPSL378 onto Strathmore “Toned Tan” paper using Versafine “Onyx Black” ink. Then I coloured my highlights with a white drawing pencil. I always pretend that the light source is in my top left hand corner.

Step 2:

Now I’m adding my first layer of colour using a Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencil in “Vivid Pink”.

Step 3:

To darken my shadows after that I’m adding a Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencil in “Auburn”. This is the so called ugly stage, the project maybe feels ruined but it just means that you have to work on it a little bit more!

Step 4:

Here I’m going back to the Vivid Pink colour to make the project brighter again, but because I have the darker tones underneath there is more depth.

Step 5:

Lastly I’m adding a bit more highlights using the white drawing pencil again on the petal parts. For my green colour I choose a Colourblend pencil in the colour “Sage”, combined with the white drawing pencil again.

I added some lines back in with one of the black Spectrum Noir ArtLiner Pens (01) and then fussy cut the image leaving a small border.

On a different panel of the same paper, cut to the size that I need for my card (two sizes smaller then my card base) I stamp the flower image again, but this time I use “second generation” stamping (this means that you first stamp on a scrap piece of paper and then, without re-inking the stamp, on your actual project). This way the lines are lighter!

Step 6:

This will be my background panel: I want to create the look that there are more of the same flowers in the background, they are further away from the eye and therefore lighter in colour: I coloured these flower lightly with just one layer using the white drawing pencil and two Colourblend pencils in “Sage” and “Sorbet”.

It doesn’t make much sense now but when I put my project together you will see what I mean.

The few pencils that I used on today’s project are from the Primaries and Essentials Spectrum Noir Colourblend sets.

Step 7:

Now I’m ready to put my project together: I stamped a Hugs sentiment by Marianne Design on the bottom right hand corner using the same black ink as before.

Then I die cut a mat from some matching pink card stock one size larger then the panel I already have.

These two panels I adhere together using liquid glue.

On top I can now adhere the separate flower image using one millimetre thick foam tape and then cut of the excess on the bottom.

Now the only thing I have to do is to adhere this combination to a crème coloured linen textured card base using one millimetre thick foam tape.

Detail picture:

I wish you a creative day!

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