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Once Upon a Sleepy Time

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you this home decor project that I created for our neighbour’s son (who is two) his bedroom, as a thank you gift for them taking care of our plants during our summer vacation!

Step 1:

On a sheet of Strathmore Toned Tan Paper (slightly larger then A4 size) I first traced a The Picsees image and then added details with a regular pencil. Then I pencilled in the quote and when I was happy I went over the lines using a black 01 Spectrum Noir ArtLiner pen.

Step 2:

Then I added the highlights to the picsee image using a white drawing pencil, this makes the image stand out more against the darker background.

Step 3:

Now I’m adding my first layers of colour, deciding which colours should go where! The face turned out a bit to bright green for my liking but I will correct that later on. If you don’t add pressure to your pencils too soon in the colouring process you can correct layers that aren’t completely to your liking in a later stage.

In this stage I used the Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencils in Icicle, Jade, Sea Grass, Cedarwoord and Sage.

Step 4:

Here I’m deepening the colours with Sea Grass and Twilight Blue, and adding additional layers of highlights using the white drawing pencils, working on each part of the drawing separately.

Step 5:

Deepening the shadows using the colour Espresso and deepening all the colours where they are needed.

All of the pencils used on today’s project are from the Spectrum Noir Colourblend sets in Primairies, Essentials and Bold Brights.

Step 6:

And here is the completed image, with and without frame (for today’s pictures I added the frame without the glass, but the gift will include the frame combined with the glass).

Some detail pictures:

And that’s it for today’s fun colouring project! I wish you a creative day!

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