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“Skin” Pendants

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you something I don’t usually create and that is jewellery. I had these so called “skins”, which is a left over product from acrylic pouring, and I read on line that you can make pretty pendants from them, so I wanted to try that!

Step 1:

How do you create these skins? Basically you let the paint, that drips of the canvas you have poured on, dry on the plastic (that is covering your work surface while you’re doing the pouring) and when dry you can peel it of. It feels like a sheet of plastic now, it’s flexible and you can cut it with your scissors.

You can read more about acrylic pouring HERE!

I decided where my two cabochon glass elements fitted the best and then adhered the cabochon glass elements to the skins using Ranger Glossy Accents, which is a strong adhesive that dries clear. For this I put some of the Glossy Accents directly to the glass cabochon, then placed it on the skin, moved it around a little to spread the glue and to remove any air bubbles. This I let dry!

Step 2:

When dry you can cut around the cabochons, through the skin, following the shape of the cabochon. Test if the shape is right by placing the cabochon in the pendant, without glue.

Step 3:

Now the only thing you have to do is to put some Glossy Accents in the pendant, not too much or it will come out of the sides, put the cabochon on top, and press hard. May any excess glue escape, rub it away quickly before it dries! Let it sit until it’s dry, and your pendant is ready to wear!

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