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Art Journal Page: Halloween

Hi everyone, today, on Halloween, I would like to show you this art journal page for which I used a minimum of supplies. Since there is a moon in my image apparently it’s night time and it would look odd to use bright colours, so instead I only used shades of white, gray and black to create depth in my image.

This particular journal I’m working in is available on the Crafter’s Companion website. I don’t work directly on the pages but use the journal to add my projects into!

Step 1:

Today’s image is by The Picsees and it just screamed Halloween to me! I will work on coloured paper cut to the size that I need for my art journal, which is 29x20,5 cm, and as my last step I will split the panel in two before adhering it into my journal.

I started my project by tracing the image on the coloured paper and then I added my quote using first a graphite pencil, and when I was happy with how it looked I went over the lines using a black 03 Spectrum Noir ArtLiner Pen.

I made sure that my image was slightly larger then one half of the panel so that the quote and the image would feel connected, even after cutting them up.

Step 2:

Then I’m adding my first layer of white and gray using a white drawing pencil, a graphite pencil and some Black Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencil. All these colours are applied with a light hand, mainly deciding where my highlights and my shadows will go.

Step 3:

Next I’m deepening the shadows a little using the Taupe and Stone colours from my Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencils and also creating a blend between the white and the gray. Adding thin layer after layer! If you push to hard to soon the paper won’t take another pencil layer before your are ready for your final layers!

Step 4:

Finally I’m using my Black Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencil again to add my deepest darkest shadows and tracing the lines where needed. In this picture, only the bat is the left to do, you can see how much the black pencil (when needed applied with a heavy hand, but always keeping the point sharp) adds to this project! Your shadows often need to be darker then you think to make the highlights look brighter!

Step 5:

After finishing the bat I cut the panel in half and then I only had to adhere both halves to the art journal using gel medium.

The coloured pencils used on today’s project are from the Spectrum Noir Colourblend Naturals and Essentials sets.

Some detail pictures:

And that’s if for today’s spooky project!

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