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Home Decor Project: Shopping Ladies

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you this step by step tutorial on how you can create this fun home decor project! The completed project is larger then A4 so it will take some time to make but you can make your own project smaller or larger if you please (I usually adjust the size of my project to the frame the project is placed in).

Step 1:

The image that I’m using today I found online. I traced the image onto craft coloured paper suitable for coloured pencil.

Step 2:

Then I added some white drawing pencil to the area’s that wanted to be highlighted or white (such as part of the dresses).

Step 3:

Next I’m starting to add my first colours to the project: all my shadows to create depth to the project and lines are created with the Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencil in Bark (there is no black used in this project)!

I started with the red parts: for this I choose my Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencils in Poppy and Raspberry. I used two hues of red to create more depth (as I did with most of today’s colours).

Step 4:

Next I added my yellow and orange parts: using Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencils in Mustard and Lemongrass for the yellow and Nectarine and Flame Red for the orange parts. Still adding more lines and shadows using the Bark colour.

Step 5:

Adding more colours using turquoise blues and pinks: Prussian Blue and Royal Blue for the turquoise blue hues and Vivid Pink and Sorbet for the pinks. The ground part is also done with Bark and the white drawing pencil that I used before.

Step 6:

This step is pretty important, because if the skin looks right your entire project will come to life in this step! I choose Rose Peach in combination with the white drawing pencil that I used before, for this step and it took a while to get this part the way I wanted it to look!

Step 7:

Next I choose to work on the hair, if your skin looks right and the hair is good then most of your project is done: for the left girl I choose Maize and Yellow Ochre, for the middle girl I choose Paprika and Russet and for the right hand girl I choose Russet and Espresso.

With the hair done I also added in some purple area’s using the colour Indigo.

Step 8:

Almost done I choose my last colours to fill in the open area’s: Grass and Jade for the green parts, Fuchsia and Peony for the purply pink parts and Lagoon for some smaller blue parts.

Step 9:

As my finishing touch I decided to add a little bit of Pewter with a light hand around the girls to pull them a bit more to the front (pushing the background back). And now I only have to add the coloured image to the frame and my project is completely finished!

All of the Spectrum Noir Colourblend pencils used on today’s project are from the following sets: Primaries, Essentials, Florals, Naturals and Bold Brights.

Detail pictures:

That’s it for today’s fun home decor project! I wish you a creative day and for all of you that are celebrating Christmas have lots of fun with family and friends!

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