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Tic Tac Toe

Hi everyone, today I’m on the Lindy’s Stamp Gang blog with a different kind of project then usual! Since it’s winter where I live and we live mostly indoors I though of creating a game, that you can actually use (not just for decoration)!

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

To get my project started I went to the garden centre and looked for a nice slice of teak wood. I also found some smaller birch wood slices that could function as my game pieces. At home I sorted them to size and picked the ones that where mostly equal. I primed the birch wood slices using The Crafter’s Workshop Clear Gesso, so that all the colour that I will add later on will not all be absorbed by the wood.

To not scratch the diner table I then adhered some black one millimetre thick craft foam on the bottom of the teak wood slice using The Crafter’s Workshop Gloss Gel Medium and a brush. You can also do this with the smaller birch wood slices (I did this later on in the process after adding the colour). You can cut of the foam to the right size, using your scissors, when the gel medium has dried.

Then I draw the game lines using a black alcohol marker and a ruler.

Step 2:

I wanted the main focus to be on the game itself, but to create a balanced project I also wanted a little decoration on the teak wood. So, I decided on mixing some Golden Glass Bead Gel with some Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magical in Cattail Copper Brown (a slightly redder darker brown than the teak wood) and applied this mixture over a The Crafter’s Workshop stencil (TCW5003) using a palette knife and set that aside to dry. It will dry clear and textured, with a light shimmer.

Step 3:

Next I worked on my birch wood game pieces: dividing them in one group of four pieces and one group of five pieces. All the pieces in one group are treated in the same way!

I choose two stencils : TCW5003 (that I also used for my background) and TCW5007 (a harlequin design) and then added the design to my birch wood pieces, using one design for one group. I did this by applying some TCW Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste over the stencil while holding it firm on the birch wood slice. Then I set the pieces aside to dry.

When dry it’s time to start colouring the birch wood pieces: for all the pieces I used the same colour and I added colour in multiple layers, until the colour was as dark as I liked. For the harlequin design pieces I sprayed on the colour and also covered the sides of the wood pieces. For the swirly design I added the colour only on top using a brush and trying to not add colour to the sides of the wood slices. Between each layer of colour I dried the wood pieces with my heat tool. As my colour of choice I picked Lindy’s Stamp Gang Spray in Delphinium Turquoise. I totally love how the teal shimmer looks on the wood! You can see the gorgeous turquoise shine really well in the third picture!

To finish my birch wood bases I added some waxes on top of the turquoise colour, using a copper colour for the swirly design and a silver colour for the harlequin design, then adding some gold wax to the edges of all the pieces (any brand you like), and finally I splattered with gold and bronze FineTec pearl colors to create my finishing touch.

Step 4:

Now I can start decorating all the birch wood slices: since this is a game that you can actually play, each piece should be easy to hold so I didn’t wanted to add too much on top.

For my swirly design pieces I choose some small sea shells and for the harlequin pieces I choose some star anise.

The star anise are treated by first spraying them several times with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Spray in Cattail Copper Brown, drying in between layers using a heat tool, to create a copper glow on them. Then I pressed the star anise in VersaMark ink (which is sticky) and added some Lindy’s Stamp Gang Embossing Powder in King Midas Gold on top, melting it with my heat tool, which gives them a nice golden touch.

The seas shells are first heat embossed with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Embossing Powder in Lapis Lazuli Blue Gold and later on with the same King Midas Gold embossing powder that I also used on the star anise. For this I rubbed my finger over the VersaMark ink pad and then lightly rubbed my finger over the sea shell, on the parts where I wanted to add the embossing powder (the raised area’s), then I sprinkled the powder on, tapped the excess of and melted the remaining powder with my heat tool.

You can best hold the star anise and the sea shells with a pair of tweezers because they will get hot during the melting process.

Step 5:

Now I can adhere the star anise and the sea shells to my game pieces using TCW Gloss Gel Medium and a brush. This will take some time to dry.

To finish my project I choose to add a little more bling, adding some glass pearls and beads and some sparkling sequins using Ranger Glossy Accents (this is very strong glue and works well for adding smaller objects to your project). Choose sizes and colours that match your project.

And this is how my fun game looks after finishing all the small details!

Detail pictures:

That’s it for today’s fun project!

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a great last day of 2019 and a wonderful 2020! That all your dreams for this brand new year may come true!

Lindy’s Stamp Gang products used:

- Magical: Cattail Copper Brown

- Spray: Delphinium Turquoise and Cattail Copper Brown

- Embossing Powder: King Midas Gold and Lapis Lazuli Blue Gold

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