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Anna Mason: Peonies in Bowl

Hi everyone, I have finally been able to finish another one of my Anna Mason online lessons, this one is for the Advanced Level, and it took me several weeks in multiple hour sessions.

This is my tenth painting in the Anna Mason Online School, split over 2 years (my first year was in 2018).

Even though this painting is for the Advanced Level I didn’t feel this painting was much more difficult than the others that I finished, but, with all the little leaves and curls it took much focus and duration to finish it to my liking.

I figured taking step by step pictures would be nice, so I tried to think of doing that for you guys.

These are the paint colours that are used for this painting (either Winsor & Newton or Daniel Smith, when not mentioned otherwise):

· Burnt Sienna

· Cobalt Blue

· Cobalt Violet

· French Ultramarine

· Holbein Bright Violet (substitute with PV55 which is W&N Quin Violet or Daniel Smith Quin Purple. Add a touch of Opera Rose to match to Bright Violet)

· Opera Rose

· Payne's Gray

· Permanent Alizarin Crimson

· Permanent Rose

· Permanent Sap Green

· Scarlet Lake

· Transparent Orange (by Schmincke. Previously called Translucent Orange. If you don't have it, use a mix of Winsor Lemon and Scarlet Lake to try to match)

· Winsor Lemon

· Yellow Ochre

And finally a detail picture, even though these kind of projects are not very suitable for close ups.

That is it for today’s project, I wish you a creative day!

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