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Art Journal Page: Stay Safe!

Hi everyone, today I’m on The Crafter’s Workshop blog with an art journal project. As an artist all that is happening around me is impacting my art, sometimes scary things happen and even then it’s good to stay creative. This page was created when the Corona-crises was already raging a couple of weeks through the country where I live (which is the Netherlands). Today I’m showing you step by step how I created this page!


The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own. This post contains affiliate links.


Step 1:

Today I’m working in my A4-sized ring bound Studio Light art journal. With my graphite pencil I first wrote the quote, and when I was happy with how it looked I went over the lines using a pink Sakura Micron Pen (which contains archival ink).

Step 2:

Next I created my embellishments which are three flower shapes: for this I cut three pieces of some thicker paper/card stock to a size slightly larger than my stencil. For today’s flower project I choose a gorgeous The Crafter’s Workshop stencil called “Hibiscus” (TCW915s).

While holding the stencil still (of course you can also temporarily adhere the stencil tot the paper) I applied three different colors of The Crafter’s Workshop Metallic Modeling Paste over the stencil using three different palette knifes to contaminate each color as little as possible. This is not science but I tried to aim for the following: apply “Copper Penny” on the stamen, “Grecian Gold” for the flower petals and “Platinum” for the leaves.  

When done I set the flower aside to dry and cleaned the stencil plus palette knifes under the sink (personally I clean the stencil between each flower before starting the next one but you can of course clean whenever you prefer).

Step 3:

When the modeling paste is dry I fussy cut each flower, leaving a small border. To give each flower some color I then applied some Lindy’s Stamp Gang Spray in “Cotton Candy Pink” to each flower centre and the outer part of the front petal, using a brush and layering the color on (I didn’t spray on the color).

Between each layer of color I dried the flower with my heat tool. If you heat the modeling paste too long it will create a bubble effect, which I kind of liked in the stamen area.

I also draw a white line next to the stencilled stamen, to make it look like it’s separate from the flower petals. For this I used a white Sakura Gelly Roll Pen.

Step 4:

Now that I know what my embellishments look like I can work on the art journal page itself: I applied some Memento Ink in “Bamboo Leaves” over the different area’s of the paper, but not on the edges of the paper. I used a brush like you can see in the picture but when you only have a foam applicator tool then that is just fine as well!

I know the results in this picture look a bit splotchy but in the final project you don’t even notice that. This happened because I didn’t apply the ink from the edge of onto the paper but started on the middle of the paper and that way where I start applying the ink the ink looks slightly darker. This effect might be stronger when you use a foam applicator tool.

Step 5:

Next I’m choosing a darker green ink color, Memento ink in “Olive Grove” and applied this color over a The Crafter’s Workshop stencil called “Fantasy Tile” (TCW882s) using the same brush, without cleaning it (I designated this particular brush to green inks). The area’s you want to be darker you work longer on, the area’s you want to keep lighter you work less time one.

I didn’t cover the entire stencil. I have already decided on the placement of my flowers at this point and hence decided what area’s I want to keep darker and what area’s to keep lighter but also moving my stencil around to have an ongoing pattern, and less of a “tile” look.

Step 6:

To connect some of the color in the flowers with the background I next spattered on the background using a Finetec Pearl Colour by Coliro GmbH in “Inka Gold” using a brush (now both the flowers and the background have some gold in them).

Next I can adhere the flowers to the page using one millimetre thick foam tape. And to finish my art journal project I only edged some parts of the page using the darkest green ink color that I used before in combination with a foam applicator tool.

Detail pictures:

And that’s it for today’s project! I hope you can all stay safe!

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