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Combine Spectrum Noir Alcohol ink with their Metallic Ink

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you how you can create these kind of metallic looking alcohol ink backgrounds using Spectrum Noir Alcohol Reinkers (also used to refill your alcohol markers) in combination with a Spectrum Noir Metallic Ink. Work in a well ventilated area and protect your work surface, work on a glass work mat for example, clean splatters on your desk away immediately with isopropyl alcohol and wear gloves.

Step 1:

I started my project with an A5 (half of an A4) sheet of Yupo paper (this isn’t really paper, it’s synthetic and non-porous, like plastic).

Add some of the BT9 Spectrum Noir Alcohol Reinker to the panel in a sort of diagonal line. Gently blow the colour away from the middle (you can use a blow tool for this, if you don’t have a blow tool, you can use a straw but be careful not to breath in the alcohol fumes).

Step 2:

Add some of the BT3 Spectrum Noir Alcohol Reinker on both sides of your diagonal and let the colour mix a little using your blow tool.

Step 3:

Next add some drops of the Spectrum Noir Metallic Ink (I used “Ancient Bronze”), use your blow tool again to mix with the alcohol ink. I found that less is more, use the Metallic Ink sparingly, it’s very potent! I used too much and liked the parts better where there was less of the Metallic Ink added to the panel.

Now add some drops of the Blender Spectrum Noir Alcohol Reinker where you feel the colour needs to be lighter or more mixed together and use your blow tool again.

Step 4:

Work on the panel until you are happy. When you are happy with the way your panel looks, set it aside to dry (don’t dry with your heat tool, it will melt the Yupo, because it’s plastic). The metallic ink will adhere perfectly onto the Yupo paper and will not flake of.

You can find all of the Spectrum Noir Alcohol Reinkers HERE!

Step 5:

Die cut a rectangle panel, two sizes smaller than your card base, from the Yupo panel as well as cut a 3,5 cm wide strip, longer than your rectangle panel.

Where your die touches the metallic ink it might leave residue (die cut some scrap paper/printer paper to get it cleaned, but the less metallic ink you use, the less residue).

Step 6:

I’m going to create two cards: for my first card I’m using the 3,5 cm wide strip. Die cut a rectangle panel from some crème coloured card stock, two sizes smaller than your card base as well as another slightly larger rectangle panel from some darker muted yellow card stock (that matches the metallic ink in your project).

Stamp your sentiment of choice onto the crème coloured panel using Spectrum Noir Finesse “Noir Black” ink. My sentiment is from the Taylored Epressions “Bright Birthday” stamp set).

Step 7:

Adhere the two rectangle panels together using liquid glue. On top adhere the 3,5 cm wide strip using one millimetre thick foam tape. Cut of the excess using your scissors. And to finish this card adhere this combination to a crème coloured card base also using one millimetre thick foam tape.

Step 8:

Onto the next card: die cut a slightly larger rectangle panel from some crème coloured card stock. Also stamp your sentiment (this one is Taylored Expressions “Another Year Older”) onto crème coloured card stock and die cut around it using a circle die. Next die cut a slightly larger circle shape from the same muted yellow card stock.

Step 9:

Adhere both rectangle and both circle panels together using liquid glue. Adhere the combined rectangle panels to your muted yellow card base using one millimetre thick foam tape and to finish this card add the sentiment on top also using one millimetre thick foam tape.

I feel these cards are totally suitable for the men in your life!

And that is it for today’s project! I wish you a creative day!

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