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Junk Journal Decorations

Hi everyone, today I’m on The Crafter’s Workshop blog with a fun addition to my junk journal project. If you would like to read more about how I created the cover of this junk journal than you can go HERE. The technique to create today’s decorations can of course also be used to add fun elements to your art journal pages or card projects! Let’s get started!


The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.


Step 1:

Since my junk journal is mostly green/blue/gold/creme themed I used a piece of green card stock as my base to work on. I placed my stencil of choice over the card stock and then applied two colors of The Crafter’s Workshop Metallic Modeling Paste over the stencil using a palette knife. Since the flower images on the stencil are pretty close to each other I would recommend taping of the images you don’t want to use, on either side, to have a clean area around the flower image you do want to use, before applying the modeling paste! Let the modeling paste dry.

My stencil of choice for today’s project is “Word Stems” (TCW921s). I totally love the elegant look of this stencil!

The two metallic modeling pastes that I’m using are “Grecian Gold” and “Champagne Gold”.

Step 2:

This same way I created three pieces as you can see in the picture.

Step 3:

In my craft stash I looked for two doily shapes (these particular ones are by Stampin’U: “Delicate White Doilies”), some paperclips (two small and one large one) and I also cut the larger two pieces into tag shapes and the smaller one to the size you can see in the picture: please note that for the last piece there is 1 centimetre of the top part folded to the back!).

Step 4:

I choose the pages in my junk journal that I wanted to add these elements to.

For the largest elements I folded the doily in half, wrapped it around the page, then folded the created embellishment also around the page and adhered this combination with a paperclip. To not have the paperclip adhered over the flower bud I turned the text up side down, personally this doesn’t bother me.

For the smaller embellishment I poked holes through the fold and used a needle to adhere some brown twine, combining the paperclip and the embellishment the way you can see in the picture. The knot of the twine is on the inside of the fold and I used a stapler to close the fold.

I totally love these cute embellishments and they don’t take a long time to make, which is also a bonus! I wish you a creative day!

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