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Mandala Home Decor

Hi everyone, today I would like to share with you this home decor mandala colouring project! You can find the free to download mandala’s that I used for printing here: 4th September Download ( ) and the explanation on how to proceed with the colouring process here: Of course you can use a different colouring medium than the one I used in this project!

Step 1:

I printed two of the provided mandala’s onto alcohol marker friendly paper (unfortunately I couldn’t resize the mandala’s so for the larger one I added some additional lines using a circle nesting die as my guideline and for the smaller mandala I only used part of the design to fit the frames I bought).

Than I started tracing the lines using the black 03 and 005 Spectrum Noir ArtLiners, using the fatter nib to create shadows already in this first step and the thinner nib for the area’s where the light hits the mandala. This is a 3D mandala so there is more than one layer so more than one shadow area. To get a good idea on what the finished mandala can look like look up Baz Furnell on Facebook or Instagram (who created these beautiful designs).

I also picked out some colours of alcohol markers to work with. In my living room I have a theme with copper and turquoise, so I picked colours within these themes because I created this home decor for my own living room. Pick and choose colours that fit your style best!

For my turquoise I picked the following Spectrum Noir Illustrator alcohol markers: BT1, BT3, BT4, BT6 and BT9.

For my orangy / copper colours I picked the following Spectrum Noir Illustrator alcohol markers: FS8 / BO1, BO3 and BO4.

Step 2:

I started adding my first and lightest colour to my turquoise mandala, adding the colour to the lightest parts (looking at the finished mandala by Baz Furnell) and starting shading the domed area’s.

Step 3:

Next I added BT3 using it to create the base for my shadowed area’s and working on the domed area’s some more.

Step 4:

Next I jumped to BT9 (my darkest colour) and worked on deepening the shades, working on the domed areas (using BT4 and BT6 to create a nice gradient). Next I filled up all the remaining area’s, using the colour of the paper as my lightest colour.

Step 5:

Lastly I added some white gel pen to add some highlights in my mandala and declared the first mandala finished. For the line work in Step 1 (both mandala’s) I spent about 2 hours and for colouring this one mandala I spent about 4 to 5 hours to give you and impression on the time this project takes. The orangy/copper mandala took me about 3 hours to finish.

Step 6:

In this same way I coloured the orangy/copper mandala, using only part of the design.

Step 7:

Next I cut around the mandala’s making them to size for the frames they should fit. And I also created spletters using Spectrum Noir Metallic Liquid Ink in the colour Silver Ingot in combination with a brush and let that dry.

Step 8:

Now I only have to put the mandala’s in their frames and my home decor project is finished!

That is it for today’s colouring project! I wish you a creative day!

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