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Mirror Frame

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing this paint project with you all! It’s not super complicated but it was a slight challenge to get the colour mixture between the white and the grey right. First I wanted to add bits and pieces to create a mixed media project, but since this project was a gift for my sister in law in the end I felt I should create something that would fit her style/her house, so, I left it plain.

Step 1:

This is what the mirror frame looked like (without the mirror piece), it’s made of some sort of compressed wood or plastic I think. Not very pretty in my opinion!

Step 2:

I started by adding several layers of white gesso, to prime the project and to get rid of that ugly brown colour as well.

Step 3:

This was the hardest part: getting the gradient between the white and the grey (Dylusions “Slate Grey”) just right. I took my time to get it just where I liked it, working mostly wet into wet.

Step 4:

As my finishing touch I added some Treasure Pewter gilding wax in some area’s and lastly added a Satin Acrylic Varnish spray to make the piece durable.

Detail picture:

And that is it for today’s painting project, I wish you a creative day!

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