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Mixed Media Altered Frame

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you how you can alter a boring frame to fit the picture/(digital) print that you would like to use the frame for. For this specific project I used an old picture frame, size 34 x 28 cm, I took it apart, threw away the glass and there I had the base for my project. You can use any frame you have or like (you can also find great frames at the second hand store), only the size is important (because it should fit the project you would like to display) and it would be handy if the frame is not too skinny, so you have some room to decorate.


The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.


Step 1:

Here you can see the frame I started with: it’s the right size for my project, but it’s not pretty and also damaged.

Step 2:

First I cleaned the frame with some alcohol on a cotton swap. It will dry almost instantaneously. Next I put one layer of black gesso on the frame with a paint brush to prime my project: for this I used The Crafter’s Workshop “Black Gesso“ (TCW9002).

Step 3:

Then I adhered some crinkled tissue paper pieces to the project using The Crafter’s Workshop “Matte Gel Medium“ (TCW9011), this will ad some texture to my project and also it will hide the lines of the corners where the frame parts meet. The colour of the tissue paper is not important, I had green so I used that.

Step 4:

I put another coat of black gesso over the tissue paper and I also applied some of The Crafter’s Workshop “Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste“ (TCW9004) over a The Crafter’s Workshop stencil called  “Big Wreath“ (TCW721s), working in sections. When one part is dry I started on the next one, using a palette knife and also minding the sides of the frame. This modeling paste is perfect for this project because it will dry fast and also stay in shape a little outside the frame, like the leafs are sticking out a little.

Then I set the project aside to dry.

Step 5:

When the modeling paste was dry I applied black gesso over the modeling paste and on any parts that I missed out on before.

Step 6:

Now it is the time to ad colour to the project. Since I wanted to put a digital print by Tine’s Dierportretten in this particular frame I choose colours that matched that project: I used Finnabair Art Alchemy Paints in the colours “Metallique Emerald Green“ and “Metallique Steampunk Copper“ (dry brushing the paint on) and also Finnabair Art Alchemy Waxes in the colours “Old Silver“ and “White Gold“to colour the frame. I also added a little Pebeo “King Gold“ wax to the project for additional shine.

Next I splattered with some watered down Metallique Emerald Green paint on the project to bring some of the green back to the front and let that dry.

Step 7:

To finish my project I adhered some Finnabair Art Ingredients “Glass Glitter in the colour Gold Rush“ to the project using a little of the TCW Matte Gel Medium that I used before and I adhered two butterflies from a Prima Marketing Butterflies set (#58038) also using gel medium.

Now I only have to create a passe partout in the right size and put the digital print in the frame.

Some detail pictures:

I used the same picture frame in a completely different way HERE, if you would like to see a white/gold version from a few years ago.

And that finishes today’s project. I hope you got inspired to alter your own frames and I wish you a creative day!

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