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Skating Gnomes

Hi everyone, today I would like to share this fun Christmas card project with you all! I totally adore all things gnomes and these are no exception, because they are actually doing something!

Step 1:

To get my project started I printed these digital images by Mo’s Digital Pencil onto alcohol marker friendly paper: “Skating Gnomes” and “Gnome Trees”. Now I can start the colouring process: for the hair parts I used a combination of Ice Grey Spectrum Noir Illustrator alcohol markers: IG1, IG2, IG5 and IG6. I started with the IG2, defined a bit more with the IG5 and IG6 and than smoothed out a little where needed with the IG1. Use swiping motions with you marker to create wisps of colour!

Step 2:

For the skin parts I used FS7 and TN1 as I always do!

On with the blue parts of their clothing: TB1, TB3, TB5 and TB8.

The reds are: PP3, DR2 and DR3.

I try to always remember that my light source is in the top left hand corner unless there is a visible light source in the image (like a candle or a fire).

Step 3:

For my purples I picked HB1, HB3, PL4 and PL5. After the colouring is done I added back in some highlights using a white gel pen. Than I coloured around the image using the BT1 marker and I fussy cut the images leaving a small border.

Step 4:

Onto the trees: for the reds I used the same combination as I used on the gnomes.

For my greens I picked: LG1, LG3, AG4 and JG7.

For the browns I picked: MB1, GB8 and EB4.

For the yellows I picked: LY1, GY3 and GY5.

Adding in some highlights using the white gel pen again and I coloured around the images using the GG1 marker. Finishing this part by fussy cutting the images leaving a small border.

All of the markers that I used on today’s project you can find HERE!

Step 5:

Today I’m creating some slim line cards: for this I hand cut the white background panels first, making them two sizes smaller than my card base. Onto this panels I than stamped my sentiment ( Stampin’Up “Tin of Tags” stamp set) using black ink.

Next I applied two colours of ink over the panel (avoiding the sentiment) using two light colours of ink in combination with stencil brush and a light hand. The ink colours that I picked matched the colours that I used to colour around the gnome/trees images perfectly. On the bottom 1/4 part of the panel I used Spectrum Noir Harmony Water-Reactive ink in “Oasis” and on the top 3/4 part I used “Frosty Jade”.

Than I take my stencil of choice (this one is TCW720s) and applied two darker colours of ink, from the same colour families, over the stencil using the same stencil brush. As my darker colours I used “Parakeet” and “Green Topaz”.

Step 6:

Time to put my cards together: I hand cut two slightly larger panels from matching purple card stock and adhered both rectangle panels together using liquid glue. This combination I adhered to my white base card using one millimetre thick foam tape.

To finish my card I now only have to ahdere the coloured and fussy cut images on top also using one millimetre thick foam tape!

Aren’t these gnomes adorable? I totally love them! I wish you a creative day!

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