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Spectrum Noir Alcohol Ink on clay moulds

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you how you can create this dimensional card using clay moulds. And yes, the card goes through the mail fine (I put it in a bubble envelope) and the mould shapes are light weight. The alcohol inks that I use on today’s project are the same as the ones that you use to refill your Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.

Step 1:

Of course first you have to create your mould shapes. This tutorial is not about that but in short you put some anti-static powder on the mould, push the clay in the mould or add modeling paste to the mould, flatten the top and let them dry. Pop them out and make sure that they are completely dry before adding colour to the shapes. This particular mould is by Studio Art Prosvet.

Step 2:

Make sure you work on a surface that you can clean easily, like glass. Place the clay moulds on a paper kitchen towel. Start the colouring part by first adding some drops of the Spectrum Noir Blender here and there on the mould.

I picked two other colours that don’t make brown together (take two cool colours of two warm colours for example) and added some drops of each on the moulds. I used CG4 and BT9. You can find the Spectrum Noir Alcohol Inks HERE.

Step 3:

You can add as much colour as you like. The more colour you add the darker the colours will turn out.

Step 4:

If you feel some parts need to be a slight bit lighter then drop in some of the Blender, let it sit for a few seconds and dab of using a paper kitchen towel.

Step 5:

Now take some Pebeo Gilding Wax (I used the colour “King Gold”), only a tiny bit, take most of it of your finger and lightly rub over the mould shapes. This way the gold will only catch on the outer parts. This makes them go from blah to fabulous!

Step 6:

Now work on the background panel: first die cut a square panel two sizes smaller than your card base. Stamp your sentiment of choice on the panel. Or you can first stamp the sentiment and then die cut (like I did today because the stamp I used is red rubber and you might not know if the stamping is straight). This stamp is by Quietfire Designs. For stamping I used Spectrum Noir Finesse Ink in “Noir Black”.

Step 7:

To create a matching background for my clay moulds I applied some Spectrum Noir Harmony Water-Reactive Ink in the colours “Parakeet” and “Grasshopper” over the bottom part of the panel using a Spectrum Noir Blending Tool. Start from the middle working outwards to avoid harsh lines and blend the colours together sideways.

Step 8:

For some added fun element splatter with the Spectrum Noir Metallic Ink in “Ancient Bronze” (this colour is closest to the gold wax colour that I used before) in combination with a brush. You can cover up the sentiment with a scrap piece of paper if you don’t want any splatters there.

Step 9:

Adhere the clay moulds to the background panel using strong glue or gel medium. Don’t use too much so it will not leak from the sides.

Also lightly add a tiny bit of the gold wax around the project.

Step 10:

I felt the project needed a bit more so lastly I splattered with some white gouache.

Time to put my project together: I die cut a slightly larger square panel from matching olive green card stock and adhered the panels together using liquid glue. And to finish my project I adhered this combination to a crème coloured linen textured card base.

Detail picture:

And that’s it for today’s fun project! I wish you a creative day!

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