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Wispy Alcohol Ink background with Spectrum Noir

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you how you can create these kind of wispy alcohol ink backgrounds using Spectrum Noir Alcohol Reinkers (also used to refill your alcohol markers). Work in a well ventilated area and protect your work surface, work on a glass work sheet for example, clean splatters on your desk away immediately with isopropyl alcohol and wear gloves.

Step 1:

I started my project with an A5 (half of an A4) sheet of Yupo paper (this isn’t really paper, it’s synthetic and non-porous, like plastic). Add some drops of the DR2 Spectrum Noir Alcohol Reinker (on the left hand side and mostly in the middle of the sheet) and some GY3 Spectrum Noir Alcohol Reinker (mostly on the top and bottom of the red, creating a line, larger enough to die cut a rectangle panel from later on).

Gently blow the ink away so that it spreads out a bit (you can use a blow tool for this, if you don’t have a blow tool, you can use a straw but be careful not to breath in the alcohol fumes).

Step 2:

Add some Spectrum Noir Blender Alcohol Reinker to the right hand side of the previously created line and gently blow the Blender towards the coloured alcohol ink. This will create the wispy lighter coloured edges that you can see in the picture. When you are happy with the way your panel looks, set it aside to dry (don’t dry with your heat tool, it will melt the Yupo, because it’s plastic).

Step 3:

I before hand created some clay mould / modeling paste mould shapes and had them dried really well. Put them on your glass work surface on a paper kitchen towel. Add drops of the Blender and the coloured alcohol inks that we used on the background and let the moulds dry.

You can find all of the Spectrum Noir Alcohol Reinkers HERE!

Step 4:

Die cut a rectangle panel, two sizes smaller than your card base, from the Yupo panel.

Step 5:

Take a tiny bit of Pebeo gilding wax in “King Gold” (or another wax colour that you have), take most of the wax of your finger and with what is left on your finger rub gently over the mould shapes, only touching the raised area’s.

Step 6:

Adhere the clay mould shapes to the Yupo panel, using a strong glue, but don’t use too much so that it is not pushed out around the edges. Die cut a black slightly larger rectangle panel.

For my sentiment I choose one of the sentiments from the Clearly Besotted “Say What?” stamp set, stamped this onto some crème coloured card stock, using Spectrum Noir Finesse Ink in “Noir Black” and die cut a square shape around the sentiment. Also die cut a slightly larger square black mat for this.

Step 7:

Time to put my card together: adhere the two rectangle panels and the two square panels together using liquid glue. Than adhere the combined rectangle panels to a crème coloured card base using one millimetre thick foam tape. And to finish this card adhere the combined square panels on top also using one millimetre thick foam tape.

Detail picture:

And that is it for today’s project! I wish you a creative day!

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